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Podcasts are the strongest link between you and your target market. What's YOUR strategy?

Appearing as A Guest on Podcasts Provides Incomparable Exposure, Robust SEO Rankings and Intrinsic Engagement For Your Brand

There Has Never Been A Better Opportunity To Become The Go-To Thought Leader In Your Industry

Dear Friend,  If you aren't actively booking yourself as a guest within the rapidly growing universe of Podcasting, you are missing out.  This revolutionary new media has literally built careers, and it can help build yours.  I know it can be confusing and perhaps that is why you haven't added this important marketing tool to your marketing kit, but now it can be simple and effective.  The Podcast Team is a group of professionals who will take all the hard work out of getting booked.  We book you, prepare you, produce and then publish your finished product for you. You only need to show up, we do the rest.  And the Podcasts we can set you up on, with highly professional hosts, can be the catapult your career needs.  You can use your podcast on all of your assets including website, blogs, social media and more.  Media appearances go a long way to building your credibility as an expert in your field, if you ignore this, someone else will be the expert.  I urge you to consider teaming up with us, we do all the work behind the scenes, you be the star.  Warmly,  Dalyn Miller | The Podcast Team Top Podcast PR Agency

Here's Why You Need To Be A Guest On Podcasts...

We Do All The Grunt Work, You Promote Your Brand

Here are a few powerful reasons you should consider New Media Podcasts for your comprehensive marketing strategy:

  • Listeners are 100% Opt-In | A Fully Engaged Audience
  • Video is Powerful | Most Ad Platforms Show Video to Be The Strongest Form of Advertising. Getting on a Video Podcast is Powerful
  • Social Media | Links From Social Media are Powerful For Your Main Site Google Rankings
  • Credibility | The Fastest Way to Expert Status in Your Field is Via Media Appearances
  • Podcast Episodes Live Forever | They Roam Around The Web in Perpetuity 24/7/365
  • Metadata Explosion | The Metadata Associated With Your Network of Marketing Assets is Dramatically Boosted
  • Marketing Assets are Dramatically Boosted

And so much more...

Here's What We Will Do For You...

The Podcast Team | Your New Media Marketing Partner

We are a group of professional media experts with a niche focus on Podcasting.  Here is what we can do for you:

  • Booking | We will book you on as many podcast as possible, depending on your needs and available time.
  • Interview Prep | We will coach you on what you need to know and how to prepare for your interview. We are part of your team, so you can count on us to get you ready to hit a home run on show day.
  • Production | Full scope production, from audio/video mastering and editing to graphics, uploads and delivery we finish your episode professionally, ready to present to the world.
  • Evolution | Each episode we'll analyze and review with you, to ensure you improve every aspect from voice to presentation, ensuring your skills evolve and you get better each time. We all have our first interview, we want that to be a starting point, not the finish line.

Your Full-Stack Podcast Universe PR Team

Affordable Professional PR Agency Services

Sure you could do this alone, spend hours and hours seeking out Podcast Hosts, attempting to cut through their clutter to get their attention, but without industry contacts, you will be going the slow route.  We have the inside information, leads, relationships and pulling power to help you get booked, this may be the single most powerful reason you should consider working with us.   Beyond that, heading into an interview without the knowledge and preparation our team can provide is akin to flying blind, winging it if you will.  You are a professional, you should have all the information, knowledge, awareness and preparation possible to accurately represent your status in your industry, that's where we can truly help.  Finally,  you don't have time to be editing audio/video/graphics and if you actually do have time, are you professional?  Do you have the proper editing equipment? Software?   You can cut in front of the line, eliminate hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by simply teaming up with us.  We can get you booked faster, on more shows, with a top-of-the-line finished product you will be proud to post all over the internet.  That leaves you more time for more shows, and promoting what you do, the overall effect is more success, more credibility, more marketing power exponentially working toward you future.   Don't even hesitate, contact us now for a custom quote and complete program details.  Once you start, you will never look back!  Be the Podcast Guest with the unfair advantage, a full-stack PR Team handling all the details!  Top Podcast PR Agency

More About Us...

The Podcast Team

The Podcast Team is a Premiere Podcast Talent Booking Agency and PR/Production group.  We are a small team of professionals with decades of experience in every aspect of New Media.  Here is a little more about your team... Dalyn Miller | CEO | Public Relations Nearly 2 Decades Experience Helped Build Multiple Global Brands Broad Channel Media Placement & Brand Management Wide Range | Authors, Performers, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Motivational Speakers, Business Executives Sammy Tagget | Production Audio & Video Editing & Professional Mastering Graphics & Presentation Digital, Print, Social Media & Marketing Assets Web Submission & Premiere Jimmy Dwyer | Podcast Manager Podcast Prep & Coaching Voice Instruction/Interview Prep Booking & Scheduling Review & Evolution

Our team works together with you, sometimes overlapping yet focused on helping you to prepare and deliver your very best.  We are your team, ready to begin.  Take the small step by clicking below, we'll rush you a customized quote to consider, then it's your decision, but one we know you will never regret.  Your brand and future are waiting, let's build it together! Top Podcast PR Agency

Top Chicago Podcast Bookers

Don't Miss Out On This Powerful New Media Opportunity

Quickly Become A Trusted Expert In Your Industry


  My Mindshare Collaborative is made up of top health and wellness entrepreneurs in North America. When connecting them to outside experts to help amplify their brands I have to be careful who I send them to. Its not only my reputation on the line but the reputation of an organization Ive spent years building. After working with Dalyn and his team to book me on several podcasts, I knew I could trust them with the collaborative to manage their bookings with absolute professionalism and know-how every single time. They are my go-to team for podcast booking.  

Top Chicago Podcast Bookers

JJ Virgin

  DMPR and The Podcast Team are awesome. We knew podcast interviews would help us quickly build our platform and drive both awareness and sales of our products, but we didnt know where to start. Dalyn and his team developed a comprehensive outreach strategy, wrote all materials and talking points, and secured interviews on the right, target-aligned podcasts quickly. They were clearly the right choice for us Im about to begin a second tour with them!  

Top Chicago Podcast Bookers

Evan DeMarco

  Working with The Podcast Team @ Dalyn Miller was a great way to effectively launch my first book: The Think Big Movement. They immediately got me booked on many podcasts and interviews to help me promote my book through the first three months of my launch. My biggest mistake was not hiring them early enough to launch my book.  

Top Chicago Podcast Bookers

Jon Dwoskin

  DMPR has booked podcast tours for several [Simon & Schuster] authors. We have been delighted by their professionalism, attention to detail and follow through. Our authors have been very pleased with their tours, and with the extensive reach they provide. Podcasts are a great way to make the most of our marketing dollars.  

Top Chicago Podcast Bookers

Michele Martin

  Thanks for doing an excellent job with podcast bookings. You guys have been great to work with and you exceeded expectations.  

Top Chicago Podcast Bookers

Tony Wrighton

  When my publisher hired Dalyn and his team to promote my book I was blown away by their effectiveness and professionalism. After that campaign I knew if I was going to grow my personal brand this was the agency with the integrity, commitment and creativity to help me. I couldn't be happier and I'm certain I've made the right investment.  

Top Chicago Podcast Bookers

Kathleen Trotter

Staff & Team

Top Chicago Podcast Bookers



Dalyn launched Dalyn Miller Public Relations in 2004 focusing on lifestyle and personal betterment brands and the powerhouse visionaries behind them. Recognizing the vitality and rapid expansion of streaming media in the early days podcasting, Dalyn and his team built a recognizable presence as the go-to resource for top experts across several categories with The Podcast Team vertical. By focusing on authentic relationships with top producers and hosts worldwide his team has developed the largest proprietary database in the podcast industry and built the most comprehensive booking network available to founders, entrepreneurs, authors, and experts today.

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